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Employment for Retirees*:

* For most retirees I work with, doing some part-time work in "retirement" is NOT a necessity, but more of a lifestyle decision.  Enormous research supports working as long as physically possible. Shakespeare said, "Leisure is a beautiful garment for a day, but a horrible choice for permanent attire."  Part-time employment or community service/volunteer work can provide for a sense of purpose, keep the mind and body active, and decrease the chance of an early death.


For some of my thoughts on "Retirement Planning" that were included in a recently released college and industry-wide textbook, click this link:  Professional Guest Profile in 7th Edition Theory & Practice Financial Planning Textbook

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Important Dates:

Apr 15:  Deadline to file your income taxes and to contribute to a Roth or Traditional IRA

Oct 1:  FAFSA application can be filed

Oct 15:  Deadline to file your income tax return (if filed an extension)

Dec 31:  Deadline for RMD's if age 73 or older (or if you are the beneficiary of certain Inherited IRA's).

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